Temeka - INM

Temeka - INM

Temeka Jackson


Life presents you with many different challenges, opportunities, and experiences.  You either take them and use them to make your life better, or sit and allow life to pass you by.  Temeka Jackson has taken every single opportunity challenge and experience her life has presented and made an impact not only in her local community but nationally. 

Temekas humble beginnings started out in New Haven CT.  She was a girl with a vision to take her artistic talents to heights far beyond the four corners of her city and state.  Temeka has always had a knack for art, artistic talent is in her veins as she comes from a family full of talented people. She took on the challenge of becoming the first African-American nail technician in the city of New Haven at the humble age of 19 years old.  She was formally trained at Shear Brilliance Institute in West Haven, CT.   Temeka has worked at various neighborhood salons in the New Haven, CT area.  One in particular where her name was put on the map during her tenure at  TJ Nails which was located in the heart of New Haven on Whalley Ave.  While there people always referred to her as the black girl that does nails. And most wouldnt even give her the opportunity to showcase her work.  But one day she was able to show exactly how rare of a gem she was in that tiny salon on Whalley Ave. Finally given the opportunity to show her talents, Temeka became the talk of the town and became the most sought after nail tech in New Haven.  Her demand broke the confines of CTs borders and she was also a nail tech in Washington Heights, NY at The Nail Lounge.  She has not only worked at nail salons but has successfully opened her own business (Custom Nails by Temeka LLC)

Temekas work has drawn attention not only on a local level but on a national level.  She was featured in NAILs Magazines January 2014 issue as well as a top 12 nail artist during their next top nail artist competition.  She has also received a letter of acknowledgment and appreciation from President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for her realistic creation of the first family on a set of nails.  Temekas work has made her a growing superstar amongst those in the nail community.  Her talents have put her in the eye of Oxygen execs when they were launching a new reality competition series called Naild It.  Temeka was amongst 18 top nail artists from around the country who were given the opportunity to showcase their work on national television.  Even though she wasnt the winner it opened countless doors for Temekas career.   Job opportunities with celebrity clients as well as an opportunity to work with a world renowned nail tech in his recently opened LA salon.  All because Temeka not only believed in her self but took all that life threw her way and used it to make herself a success.


Temeka is headed to the top and would like to visit your show in the near future. If you are interested in having Temeka be a featured guest on any upcoming segment of your show please contact her publisct/media relations Danica L. Blue at 203-364-4649 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..