Fun Sculptured Nails

Fun Sculptured Nails RULES

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Fun Sculptured Nails allows competitors to have fun with sculpture competition.  One hand will have square nails, while the other hand and can be any other shape ( i.e. Oval, Stiletto, Pipe etc.)

• Competitors have 2.5 hours to complete all ten nails.
• Nails are to be sculpted on forms. Tips may not be used.
• Nails can be made using acrylic or gel systems.
• One hand must be square. The other hand must be any other shape the competitor desires (C-Curve and other judging criteria will be adjusted to permit any shape). Competitor decides which hand is shaped square, as long as the other hand is not square.
• The SQUARE hand must be sculpted in a FRENCH style but any colour is allowed. Think outside the box and towards today’s emerging trends. 
• Smile line must be created by brush. Smile line must be sculpted.
• Gel sealers are allowed if all ten nails are sculpted with Gel. Acrylic nails must be buffed to a high shine, no polish top coat allowed.
• Nails must be clean and free of dust and excessive oil. No product on the skin or damage to the models skin. Preexisting damage to the models hands will be counted.
• The length of the nail depends on the competitor. A one-to-one(1:1) ratio of colours are desired. It is required that all nails are the same length from the cuticle to the end of the free edge.
• Thickness should be no thicker than a credit card, the thinner the better. 1-2mm
• The C-curve of the nail should be about 50% of a circle for the SQUARE nails. C-curve on the other hand will not be judged.
• No nail art allowed, including but not limited to printed appliqués, glitter, crystals, or paint.
• Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may be used.
• Water and soap may be used in finishing.
• Drills/Electric files are allowed, but if acrylic is used, it must be filed to a high shine.
• Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp.
• All work must be created during the competition.
• Scores are based on the degree of creativity, difficulty, originality and quality of the work.
• Nails will be scored on the following criteria: shape of nail, cuticle area, underside, length, C-curve, product control, surface smoothness, stress/arch location, free edge/thickness, shine, and finish work.