20min Gel-Polish Challenge

20min One Hand GelPolish Challange RULES

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Soak Off Gel is the most popular nail service in North America, show us your technical skills.

• Competitors have 20 minutes to complete FIVE nails on one hand.
• Product to be applied on NATURAL NAILS only.
• Only Soak Off Gel in a polish style bottle may be used and applied with the brush included in the bottle. Must say "Soak Off Gel" on containers, including base and top coat. All products must be light cured, no polish, acrylic, paint or gel paints.
• Shape and length does not matter, and up to competitor. However, all five nails must be the same shape and length.
• The PINKY and THUMB nails must be CREAM RED (no shimmer or glitter)
• The INDEX, MIDDLE and RING nails must be pink and white FRENCH.
• Nails must be clean and free of dust and debris. No product on the skin or damage to the models skin. Preexisting damage to the models hands will be counted.
• The model may have their nails prepped and manicured prior to the start of competition.
• No stones, crystals, decals, stickers, appliqués, embellishments or nail jewellery allowed.
• Any hand may be used, right or left.
• Soak Off Gel sealer is allowed, No polish top coat.
• Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may NOT be used.
• Water and soap may be used in finishing.
• Drills are allowed.
• Competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp.
• All work must be created during the competition.
• Scores are based on the degree of cleanliness, consistency, application and finish work. 

 Nails will be scored on the following criteria: cuticle area, product control, red colour application, pink and white application, smile line, difficulty, shape, length, surface smoothness, and thinness.