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Vancouver 2017 Theme: The Good Old Hockey Game

Toronto 2017 Theme: Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Mixed Media uses a combination of products and mediums to create a set of nail tips at home on your own time!

Toronto deadline: 1pm Sunday Apr. 24th 2016 to the competition info booth or competition room.

Calgary deadline: 1pm Sunday Oct. 25th 2015 to the competition info booth or competition room.

Entry into this category also automatically enters you in Mixed Media. You have double the chances to win!

CROWD FAVOURITE Judges will reveal their top 10 entries and display for voting Sunday Feb. 2nd at 1pm for our crowd favorite category. Winner will be determined by popular vote by Spa-Show attendees and announced during awards ceremony after live competitions on Monday.

• All entries must pre-done and completed before submission.  

• Nails are to be designed on varying sized nail tips and secured to a 21cm  x 14cm (8.5” x 5.5” or half a letter-sized page) WHITE cardboard.

• Nail tips cannot exceed 10cm and must be longer than 3cm. 

• At least 3 mediums must be used on every nail tip. Mediums include, but are not limited to: Gel, Acrylic, Airbrush, Decals/Appliqués, Paint, & Embellishments 

• All entries are to be 100% complete before bringing to the competition. A full set of 5 tips must be created and reflect the different nail sizes, as real nails do. Anyone using all one-size tips will have an automatic 10-point deduction to their final score. Maximum of one entry per competitor.  No entries left after the close of the competition will be returned to the competitor. 

• All entries must be accompanied by a plain black-typed description without excessive punctuation or individuals’ names of the work involved, including what types of nail art media were used. 5 Points will be deducted if no description is provided. 

• All nail entries must be conceivably wearable. 

• Any embellishment to the actual tips, whether attached to the tip or not, will count. 

• Competitors may only submit their own work. Entries under question may lead to the competitor being asked to recreate a portion of the work submitted as proof of ownership and creation. 

• Scores are based on the degree of creativity, difficulty, originality and quality of the work. 

• Nails will be scored on the following criteria: creativity, theme, colors, mixed media combinations, originality, workmanship, product control, and finish work.


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Vancouver's Crowd Sourced Winner was Powered by KUPA.

Vancouver Theme: First Nations / Native Culture

CAUTION: There's a new theme every year. Stay tuned for the 2016 theme.

Check out our facebook page for pictures.

Vancouver deadline: 1pm Sunday Feb. 15th 2015 to the competition info booth or competition room.