General Guidelines

New Category: Akzentz Gel Play

From the first nail competition to bring you BLINGED! a mystery embellishment contest, or the first competition to to host a gel-in-a-polish-bottle category, arrives another competition industry first: Akzentz Gel Play Challenge!

Competitors will have one hour to hand paint artwork onto five fingers using only the gels provided to them seconds before the competition begins.

The Canada Nail Cup has never been an ordinary nail competition because Canada is no ordinary place. Continuing to think outside the box on concepts like flat-rate registration fees or the idea that a competitor can bring just one nail model but still participate in every category, Akzentz Gel Play Challenge caries on the tradition.

A theme will be announced either days before the competition or just as the sponsor gels are being distributed. Either way, participants will be required to create hand painted nail art using only the gels provided to them. Just like our Blinged! category, participants will be able to bring home the un-used gels that were given to them.

We are continuing to improve our systems and standards based on feedback from participants.  Every year things get better and better; and we learn from deficiencies to improve them for the following year. We hope this category replacement is just one of those improvements.