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BLINGED! Challenges your competence, creativity and on-the-spot thinking. Mixing real-world salon problem solving skills in a fun competition environment, competitors will each receive a mystery package of Swarovski elements donated by Crystals for Nails and must use a minimum percentage of the crystals in their final BLINGED design. Think cooking show challenge, but for nails!

• Competitors have 45 minutes to complete FIVE nails on one hand. Competitor may complete the nails on a model or themselves. (This category is schedule as the last event of the day.)

• Competitors must use a minimum amount of the Swarovski crystals provided in their mystery box. Amount will be announced at the start of the competition.

• Nails may be sculpted on forms or with tips prior to competition, clear, natural, pink & whites, French in style only. You may re-use the French style nails from previous category.

• Nails can be made using acrylic or gel systems.

• Only products manufactured by and intended for nails may be used like Gels, Nail Glue, Acrylics. (NO craft glue, 5-minute epoxy, hot glue gun etc.)

• Shape and length does not matter, and up to competitor. All five nails should be the same shape.

• Gel sealers and polish top coat is allowed.

• Glitter or Colour are the only additional elements permitted. Do not bring your own “bling” or additional embellishments.

• The underside of the nails do not have to match, therefore any acrylic, gel or paint colours may be used during competition.

• Nails must be clean and free of dust and oil. No product on the skin or damage to the models skin. Preexisting damage to the models hands will be accounted for.

• Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may NOT be used.

• Water and soap may be used in finishing.

• Drills are allowed.

• Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp if required.

• All work must be created during the competition, except the base nail mentioned above.

• Scores are based on the degree of creativity, difficulty, originality and quality of the work.

• Nails will be scored on the following criteria: cuticle area, product control application and cleanliness, and finished work.