Akzentz Gel Play

Akzentz Gel Play

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Gel Paints - highly pigmented gels intended for hand painting artwork - have become increasingly popular. We have replaced the 3D Gel Sculpture with this NEW Category: Gel Play. Competitors will have one hour to complete hand painted nail art on one hand (five fingers) according to a theme using ONLY the gels provided to them at the start of the competition. The competitors will be permitted to keep these gels after the competition for their own personal use.

Vancouver 2017 Theme: FEATHERS

Toronto 2017 Theme: TBA

• Competitors have 45min to complete FIVE nails on one hand. 

• Nails on the model hand should start with a plain white solid cover. Complete press-on tips are not permitted. 

• Nail artwork must be made using ONLY the gels provided by the category sponsor.

• Shape and length does not matter, and up to competitor but must be the models natural nail. No improvements to the nail other than a plain white base coat may be applied. All five nails do not have to be the same shape. 

• All art must be created by hand during the competition with provided gels only.

• Nails must be clean and free of dust and oil. No product on the skin or damage to the models skin. Preexisting damage to the models hands will be counted. 

• The length of the nail may be as long as desired. 

• No stones, crystals, decals, stickers, appliqués, glitter, embellishments or nail jewellery allowed. 

• The theme must be clear on all 5 nails.. 

• CLEAR Gel sealer (aka Top Coat) is allowed, No polish top coat. No matte sealers, no shimmer sealers.

• Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may NOT be used. 

• Water and soap may be used in finishing. 

• Drills are allowed. 

• Competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp. 

• All work must be created during the competition, EXCEPT for the plain white base. This may be applied before the competition begins.  Judges will inspect this base before the category begins.

• Scores are based on the degree of creativity, difficulty, originality and quality of the work.  Nails will be scored on the following criteria: cuticle area, product control, colour, creativity, theme, difficulty, shape, and finished work.