3D Gel Design RULES

Presented by Swan Nail Academy


3D Gel Design pushes the boundaries when it comes to 3D nail art, this means no acrylic allowed!

Vancouver 2016 Theme: Marine Life

Toronto 2016 Theme: Wildlife

• Competitors have 1 hour to complete FIVE nails on one hand. 

• Nails may be sculpted on forms or by using tips. Complete press-on tips are not permitted. 

• Nails must be made using gel systems only, NO ACRYLIC.  Note, gel-activated sculpting powders are permitted.

• Shape and length does not matter, and up to competitor. All five nails do not have to be the same shape. 

• All 3D art must be created by hand during the competition with gel only. Art may not rise any higher than 3cm off the nail surface. 

• Any gel colours or glitters may be used. Pigments and loose glitter may be mixed into gel during competition. 

• The underside of the nails do not have to match, therefore any gel colours may be used to sculpt the nails. 

• Nails must be clean and free of dust and oil. No product on the skin or damage to the models skin. Preexisting damage to the models hands will be counted. 

• The length of the nail may be as long as desired. 

• No stones, crystals, decals, stickers, appliqués, embellishments or nail jewellery allowed. 

• The theme must be clear on all 5 nails.. 

• Gel sealer is allowed, No polish top coat. 

• Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may NOT be used. 

• Water and soap may be used in finishing. 

• Drills are allowed. 

• Competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp. 

• All work must be created during the competition, including extending the nail. 

• Scores are based on the degree of creativity, difficulty, originality and quality of the work.  Nails will be scored on the following criteria: cuticle area, product control, colour, creativity, theme, difficulty, shape, length and finished work.